Washing my daughter’s hair is truly a daunting task. Bathing her is no problem at all, but the second I try to wash her hair its like an all-out war. This Duckie The Duck shower sprayer is seriously a game-changer! This shower sprayer was extremely easy to install and only took me about 5 minutes. All I had to do was screw the water flow diverter (included) onto the shower spout, then screw the hose into one part of the diverter and the regular shower head into the other. There is a small switch on the diverter to control which device the water flows through. There is also a small button on Duckie The Duck which can start or stop the flow of the water. It is very easy to switch the water flow from the water spout, to the regular shower head, and then to Duckie The Duck. I can bathe my daughter normally and then use Duckie The Duck to wash her hair. Although my daughter was a bit nervous at first (she hates water in her face) she absolutely loved Duckie The Duck. She let me wash and rinse her hair with absolutely no issues. She even tried to grab the duck and wash her own hair! Once we were done, Duckie The Duck easily hung back up on the wall using two little suction cups. So glad I found this and bath time is no longer a war between me and my daughter!

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