Although I already own a wireless bluetooth speaker, a few weeks ago I started looking for a speaker to bring with me camping. My current speaker is not very durable or waterproof. This SoundFit Plus speaker is PERFECT for both indoor, and outdoor use! Not only is it waterproof but it is also dust proof and shockproof. This means that I don’t have to worry about the weather or dropping it on the ground! This speaker was extremely easy to connect to my phone. It only took about 5 seconds to pair which is an average time for most bluetooth speakers. When fully charged, this speaker lasts about 8 hours which is perfect for our fishing trips. I tend to charge my speakers overnight, but I found that this speaker got a quicker charge than the ones I’ve previously tried. I had 100% battery life in about two hours. For being as rugged as it is, I was very impressed with how lightweight this speaker was. I expected it to be much heavier. I also expected the sound quality to be unimpressive since it is so thick, however this was not the case. This speaker got unbelievably loud and my music was crystal clear. All in all, this is a great speaker that is definitely meant to last!

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