These Chill kids headphones from Rokit Boost are a huge hit in our home!  We had issues with our last headphones being too large for my daughter and they got way too loud. These chill kids headphones are designed especially for younger kids in mind. Although they are suggested for 4 years and older, these can adjust perfectly to fit my two year old daughter’s head. They can also get large enough to fit my adult head. Everything on these headphones is padded. There is padding around the ears as well as the piece that goes on your head. This makes them extremely lightweight and comfortable. What makes these headphones so unique is the built in volume control and microphone. These headphones are limited to 85db which makes them 100% safe for little ears. My daughter normally hates headphones and refuses to keep them on, however we had no issues getting her to wear these! She loved them as much as I did! My nephew got a pair of red ones and he loves them as well! So much better than headphones we’ve tried in the past!

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