Kids Tablet from Alldaymall

I was very skeptical about ordering my daughter her very own tablet because I thought it would be too difficult for her to work on her own. However, that is not the case with this kids tablet from Alldaymall. This kids tablet has an extremely child friendly interface called Iwawa® Kid Mode that makes it super easy to use! It is basically a standard android tablet pre-loaded with kid friendly activities.  Iwawa® Kid Mode has tons of educational apps, videos, and books that I can personally select for her. I was very happy to learn that my daughter can not leave the safe digital “playground” unless I give her permission. To leave the kids mode a random math question must be answered. You can also set up a 4 digit passcode if you don’t want to use the math questions. I can also set up parental controls such as limiting her screen time and I can block apps that I feel are not age-appropriate. Speaking of age-appropriate, this tablet came already equipped with a lightweight silicone case to protect against drops and bumps. The cover fit perfectly and is easy to remove when needed.  As far as display quality and hard drive, I was fairly impressed given the fact that this is made for children. This tablet has a 1024X600 pixel display, a quad-core processor, and a 1GB RAM. This may not be much if it were an adult tablet, but it is perfect for younger children. Once thing I really like about this tablet is that the storage can actually be expanded to 32GB with a microSD card (not included).  Also, I find that the 7″ HD display screen is the perfect size for little hands! The camera display on this kids tablet is fairly decent. My daughter loves to take pictures of our cat and recently learned about “selfies”, so the fact that his has a rear camera as well as a front camera was fantastic.  Another thing that was very impressive about this kids tablet was the quick loading time and great touch screen response. Since kids can be fairly impatient, I was very glad to see that each of the apps loaded quickly and she had no trouble with the touch screen reacting to her tiny fingers! Since this tablet can be turned into a regular android tablet, I can see my daughter using this for a few more years. I simply have to turn off the Iwawa® Kid Mode and BAM it is a basic android tablet with regular tablet capabilities (adult apps and unlimited access). This tablet is very versatile and definitely worth every penny! 

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