Facial Cleansing System from Sparkle With Beauty

I have owned quite a few of these facial cleaning sets and I have never been completely satisfied.They all seem to break easily, be too rough on my skin, and the brushes fall apart fairly quickly. I was a little skeptic about trying out this facial cleaning system from Sparkle With Beauty, but I am really glad I gave it a shot! This kit came with a waterproof rotating machine, a facial brush, a large body brush, a moisturizer applicator sponge, and one pumice stone. It also had a cute little storage bag for safe keeping. The rotating machine required 4 AA batteries, but I really love that it is wireless. I wear makeup 99.9% of the time so I was very excited to see how well this brush removed my makeup compared to washing with a towel. Using the same face wash I use every night, I used the facial brush in small circular motions until my entire face was covered. After a few seconds, I rinsed my face off and was fairly surprised. NO MAKEUP! Normally with a towel I have to go back over certain spots a second time to get everything completely off. I then used the small moisture sponge to apply my night-time moisturizer. I noticed immediately that it helped spread my moisturizer evenly resulting in less product being needed. I haven’t had the chance to try the pumice stone since I do not currently have any dead or dry skin, but it seems very high quality. The body brush was probably my favorite of the four rotators. It was large enough to cover a fair amount of skin at once. I used this with some sugar scrub after shaving my legs and my skin felt FANTASTIC! This set has definitely become a necessity to my nightly routine!

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Sample Provided For Review


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