Smart Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from Rymemo

I am beyond impressed with this smart touch bluetooth speaker from Rymemo. The speaker was ready to use right out of the box and required very little set up. Connecting the speaker to my phone was very easy and only required me to press one button. I also noticed that an AUX cord was included in the box, so I could connect my phone without bluetooth as well.  The sound quality of this small speaker was phenomenal. The songs played smoothly and there was no static. Sometimes to keep a great quality bluetooth speakers don’t get very loud, however that was not the case with this speaker! This speaker got so loud that my neighbors could hear it! Thankfully the volume control buttons are easily accessible right on the front! The front of this speaker also has a mode button, a rewind and forward button, the power button, and an answer/hang up button for phone calls. At first I could not figure out how to change the color of this speaker, but realized the top mesh portion works like a touch screen! By tapping on the top I could easily adjust the brightness level and 5 different light colors. I could also set it to change colors according to the beat of the music (this was my daughter’s favorite part). Since this speaker does not run on batteries, I was unsure of how long the built-in battery would last. Surprisingly we were able to listen to our music all day without needing to recharge. The manual says the music can play for about 10 hours before needing to be plugged in.  I can’t wait to take this on our next family outing!

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Check Out My Review Video Of This Speaker

Sample Provided For Review


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