Baby Video Monitor from Puretech

This, WITHOUT A DOUBT, is one of the best video baby monitors I have ever used! Straight out of the packaging I was very impressed. This monitor came with a WiFi camera, a mounting bracket, mounting screws, an AC adapter, a USB cable, and a user manual. Set-up was extremely easy and took me less than five minutes. Since I didn’t need to mount the camera to a wall, I simply snapped it to the mounting bracket and placed it on a dresser. After I downloaded the app (available on iTunes and Google Play) I simply connected my phone to the camera using the wifi button. I was then prompted to enter my WiFi password, and name the camera (in this case I named it Kinsley so I would know it was in her room).  Since the apps are able to keep track of more than one device, I also installed on in our living room. Once all of my devices were hooked up, I started exploring my options. When I click on a room I have the option to take a photo, mute the sound, talk through a two-way microphone, or expand the picture to full-screen. I also have the option to share the video with someone via email, playback the video (this requires a Micro SD card that is not included), and fix the protection settings. I was very impressed with the protection options that these monitors have. I can set the sensitivity to low, medium, or high and have an alert sound when motion is detected. This means that I can turn the protection settings on while I am at work for extra security. If someone breaks into my home an alarm will sound on their end and I will receive an alert on my phone. I love how this camera has automatic night-vision, so I can see what is happening inside of my home regardless of the time of day. The main feature that sets this monitor apart from other monitors is the viewing capability. I am able to view the camera’s live feed even when I am away from home! This means that if my daughter is at home with her babysitter, I can periodically check in on them! This will give me peace of mind while I am away! This monitor is heaven-sent and would make a great addition to any home! I plan on getting a few more to put in other rooms of our home!

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