Custom Mug from MUGnificent Designs

I am completely impressed with my new 14 oz mug from MUGnificent Designs!  To start, the shop owner was extremely great to work with! I was able to customize this mug 100%! I chose the glitter color, wording and text color. I ordered my mug on Monday, and recieved it the following tuesday. I would have received it sooner, but monday was a holiday. Given the circumstances, the turn around time was not bad at all. The mug arrived packaged in a very snug box and was wrapped in 4 layers of bubble wrap. There was no way this would have broken in the mail unless thrown across the post office.  I was very impressed with the quality of this mug. The wording is made with high quality vinyl so it did not come off when washed (instructions say to hand wash only in cool water with a soft sponge). I was scared that I would get glitter everywhere, but thankfully the glitter is sealed preventing any of it from falling off.  Since this mug is customizable, my friends can each order their own super cute glitter dipped mug with different little saying on them! I plan on ordering another for myself soon!

Check Out MUGnificent Designs On Etsy!

Visit The MUGnificent Design Facebook!20160531_120202.jpg

Sample Provided For Review


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