Bath Bombs and Shower Melts from Izzy Bizzy’s Fizzies

My daughter is always trying to sneak my bath bombs into her bathtub (which can get a bit expensive). About four weeks ago I started looking around for bath bombs especially aimed at children. That’s When I found Izzy Bizzy’s Fizzies. Izzy Bizzy’s Fizzies is a company started by Heather and her daughter Izzy. Heather had the same problem I had with her daughter constantly sneaking her bath bombs so they decided to start making their own! Their product lineup is absolutely adorable! My daughter and I were more than eager to test them all! We received a “Maya’s Get Better Bear” bath bomb,  a “Ready To Shine Star” bath bomb, a “Grammy’s Heart” bath bomb, two “Orange Creamsicle” bath bombs, a “Pink Peony Bunny” bath bomb, two coconut lime shower melts and a strawberry mango coconut shower melt. My daughter begged me to let her take a bath (at three in the afternoon) just so she could test them out! We decided to try the “Grammy’s Heart” bath bomb first. The “Grammy’s Heart” bath bomb is made of coconut, honeysuckle, rosemary, and hemp oils. To me, the honeysuckle was the most prominent smell. My daughter said it smelled like candy, but I really loved the natural floral scent it gave off. After testing out the first bath bomb I realized these bath bombs are as good of quality as my personal collection, except they are about 1/3 of the price! My daughter  and I love the cute products that Izzy Bizzy’s Fizzies offers and we can’t wait to expand our collection!

Check Out The Izzy Bizzy’s Fizzies Website!

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Sample Provided For Review


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