Perfect Portions™ Premium Patés from Sheba

My cat Binx is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to cat food. We normally feed him strictly dry food because we have never found a wet food that he approves of. With that being said, I was very skeptic about these Perfect Portions™ Premium Patés from Sheba. Each box contains 24 servings. There are 6 Savory Chicken flavor, and 6 Roasted Turkey flavor. Each of the 12 packages can be split into two individual servings, giving you 24 servings a box. I started with one serving of the savory chicken flavor, and honestly did not expect any results.  Much to my surprise, Binx immediately dug in! He did not even hesitate! Now, at this point I was very impressed and decided to give him a second serving of the roasted turkey flavor. Again, he dug in without hesitation. I am unsure if it was the flavors he loved or the texture, but one thing I DO know is that I will continue to buy this! Since my cat eats mainly dry food, this will be a great snack for him to enjoy from time to time! So glad I didn’t push this aside thinking he would turn his nose up at the sight of it! I plan on purchasing the delicate salmon and tender beef flavors next!

Check Out The Sheba Website

Purchase The Sheba Perfect Portions In The Savory Chicken Flavor

Purchase The Sheba Perfect Portions In The Roasted Turkey Flavor

cat food 2.png

Sample Provided For Review


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