Artwork Display Sign from Lucky Bee Designs

Since my daughter is old enough to draw me pictures, my icebox quickly filled up with her artwork. Unfortunately I started having to pick up her artwork because I ran out of places to display them. This children’s artwork display sign from Lucky Bee Designs is PERFECT for us! Our display sign is about 18 inches long by 6 inches wide and includes four tiny clothespins to hang our artwork on. We were able to completely customize the look of our sign by choosing from gold , silver, pink, blue, white, or black vinyl letters. We were also able to pick from black or white for the painted plywood. The artwork display comes with hanging hardware mounted on the back, so it only took me a few seconds to hang up and it is very lightweight so all I needed was one small nail. So far we have gotten tons of compliments on our cute sign. It is such a unique way to display my daughter’s artwork without crowding up the icebox! My daughter is so proud to show off her cute artwork, and this sign is the first thing she shows to all of our house guests!

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My daughter had TONS of artwork we could have displayed, but I wanted to show how the string hangs when not in use.

Sample Provided For Review


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