As everyone knows, I am a sucker for handmade bath and body products. This bath soak and handmade soap from Siren Soap are among my top favorites. The bath salt is made from epsom salt, baking soda, himalayan pink salt, essential oils, and ground botanicals. The directions say to soak for 30 minutes, then drink two glasses of water.  The salt is very relaxing, and cleanses the body of harmful toxins. The glasses of water are meant to replenish the body after the detox. I love that this soaking salt comes with a scoop. This makes getting a good amount of salt into the bathtub a breeze. The honey oat lavender soap is made from olive oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, water, essential oils, and fresh botanicals. This soap made my skin super smooth and smelled absolutely amazing! It had the same texture as regular soap, so I was able to break a piece off instead of using the entire large bar at once. Both of these will last me quite a long time!

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