I am completely in love with these baby headbands from Mookiraer! All of these headbands are made from extremely soft cotton, so they do not irritate my daughter’s head or leave the dreaded “headband ring” around her forehead! The flower headbands have a good bit of stretch and can fit newborn to about 2 years old. The rabbit ear headbands are adjustable, so they can fit newborn all the way to adults! In each pack there is a variety of colors and designs which assures me that I will have a headband to match every one of my daughter’s outfits! I have always been a fan of large bows and flowers, but I am really loving the simplicity these headbands offer! They’re cute and stylish, but not too over the top! On the flower headbands, each flower is only three inches which is perfect for smaller kids. The rabbit ear headbands can be tied into a bow, but I prefer the classic knot look! These sets would make a great addition to any little girl’s collection!

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