Multi-function Magnetic Board Game from Lewo

My daughter is obsessed with magnets and crafts so I knew she would absolutely LOVE this multi-function board from Lewo. The package includes magnetic board games, assorted puzzle pieces, a storage box, a drawing board, board pen, chalk, and an eraser.  All pieces fit inside of the wooden box for easy storage. There is a wide variety of boxes that offer different shaped magnets, but since my daughter is an animal lover we decided to stick with animals. My daughter had a blast mixing and matching all of the puzzle pieces together. She created some funny looking animals and then started showing me how she could match all of the correct pieces. This allowed her to not only use her imagination to create her own “wacky” animals, but use her puzzle solving skills to correctly identify similar pieces. The marker board side of the box is magnetic, however I was slightly disappointed to see that the chalk board side was not magnetic as well. My daughter wanted to draw around her animals with the chalk, but was unable to do so. My daughter prefers the marker side simply because the animals stick, and the marker is easier to clean. The chalk side left a slight impression but came off after a bit more scrubbing. I plan on ordering my daughter some additional markers to go with this set so that she has a variety of colors to draw with. Overall this is a GREAT activity board for traveling or keeping the kids occupied for a few hours. 

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Sample Provided For Review


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