Sprout VoxBox

This month I received the Sprout VoxBox. Inside of this month’s box was Orgain Organic protein powder ($23.99/1 lb), Ecos laundry detergent ($10.15/ 100 oz), Hair Food Moisture collection ($9.99/bottle), Eatsmart three bean chips ($3.99/bag), and Curate Dark and Tempting bar ($1.89/bar). The Eatsmart chips were fantastic and had a nice bold flavor! They were also a great tortilla chip texture! The Orgain protein powder was delicious! By far the best tasting protein powder i’ve ever tasted! It was easy to mix and was not at all chunky! I was most eager to try the Ecos laundry detergent! It had a light floral scent which lasted even after being dried and hung in the closet! I love knowing that it has Safer Choice approved ingredients and is free from formaldehyde and dyes. The Hair Food shampoo and conditioner was AMAZING. It left my hair feeling silky smooth and the honey smell wasn’t too overpowering! She shampoo had just the right amount of later and the conditioner did not leave any residue! So satisfied with this VoxBox!

Order Some Orgain Organic Protein Powder! (Vanilla Bean)

Order Some Ecos Laundry Detergent! (Magnolia & Lilly)

Buy Hair Food Shampoo! (Honey Apricot)

Buy Hair Food Conditioner! (Honey Apricot)

Buy A Bag Of Eatsmart Chips! (Three Bean)

Buy A Box Of Curate Bars! (Dark and Tempting)


Samples Provided For Review


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