Ecocentric Mom Box

I love the idea of a subscription box specifically designed for pregnancy, moms, and babies. The Ecocentric Mom box comes in three styles which includes the pregancy box for expectant mothers, the mom & baby box for parents with babies aged up to 18 month, and the mom box which is dedicated strictly to moms. Each box has pure and healthy goodies on the inside. The subscriptions range from $24.95/month plus $4.00 sign up fee all the way to $287.40 for 12 months. Shipping in the US is free on all boxes. I ordered the mom box and was pleasantly surprised at the variety I received. I got a bag of Crispy Green apple fruits ($1.49/10g), Green Gaia Essentials clay mask ($10.00/1 oz), Captain Blankenship mermaid dry shampoo ($6.00/1 oz), Zaban Essentials glow stick ($9.95/stick),  Moondani natural breath mist ($7.50/5 ml), MooGoo SPF face cream ($29.50/2.6 oz), and an adorable key chain zip pouch from Natalie Therese ($14.00). Total, my box has a value of almost DOUBLE what I paid for it! The first things I tried were the crispy greens fruit (which are fantastic) and the breath mist (so refreshing)! I also had a chance to try out the dry shampoo powder which was MUCH easier to apply than any spray dry shampoo i’ve used in the past! I can’t wait to try everything else!

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