My two year old daughter absolutely hates her highchair and recently started requesting to sit at the “big girl” table. Although regular boosters are nice for allowing her to reach the table, I don’t like how she sides all around. This booster from SVAN is absolutely fantastic. It is completely adjustable so it can easily fit on any chair (even our rounded chairs). The top piece hooks to the top of the chair, and the bottom piece simply sits on the chair. It almost looks like a mini chair connected to a big chair. There are snaps that connect around the back of the chair, as well as the bottom of the chair to hold it in place. It took me a little over two minutes to have it completely attached to our chair.  The booster also has a belt that allows me to snap my daughter in place (similar to a high chair). Since this booster is adjustable, I was able to make sure my daughter could reach the table comfortably. I will also be able to adjust it when she gets a little bigger. This booster is super lightweight and folds up easily making it a great seat to take on trips! I am so glad we got this!

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