Christabelle’s Spices and Rubs

As a mom, I am always looking for new things to feed my daughter. I also tend to look for recipies that don’t take hours to make. These rubs from Christabelle’s makes preparing meals a breeze! We received 2 oz containers of the Mexico Mucho rub,  the St. Louis Smoke rub, and the Delhi Delight rub. We used the Mexico Mucho rub on our chicken and it was fantastic! It had a very bold flavor of chili and oregano with garlic and onion  undertones as well. The St.Louis Smoke rub was a more “down-to-earth” flavor. It had a kick of chili peppers but had a hint of cocoa which toned it down. The flavors worked unexpectedly well together and paired well with our roasted vegetables. The Delhi Delight rub was my favorite of the three. It is made up of sixteen different spices that include pomegranate and fenugreek. It had a nice smoky and roasted flavor which matched well with our pork chops. Not only did I get new ingredients to test, I got new recipies as well! Christabelle’s offers recipies to go along with each rub! We LOVED the corn casserole recipe that came with the Mexico Mucho rub! I plan on trying the St.Louis Smoke chicken loaf recipe next!

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