Hatchery Subscription Box

I was a little nervous about testing out this subscription box, but I ended up falling completely in love! Each month Hatchery sends out a wide variety of ingredients made by small businesses! They even include a pamphlet which gives you a little info about the item as well as the company that made it. When the box arrived, each ingredient was individually wrapped in a brown paper and taped with a Hatchery sticker.  I was super happy to find that in this box I received a bottle of Formosa jalapeno hot sauce, a pack of Homeplate honey peanut butter, a bottle of Sir Kensington’s special sauce, a small jar of Taste Elevated mustard seeds, and a jar of Christabelle’s bombay bliss rub. The Formosa jalapeno hot sauce was the first thing I tried. I love that it is all-natural, gluten free, and vegan. Unlike usual hot sauce, this has more of a creamy texture. It had a smokey taste to it and wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy. The Homeplate honey peanut butter was one of my favorites in the box. It has a regular creamy peanut butter texture but had a subtle hint of honey for added sweetness. It tasted great on my sandwich and I found myself scraping the inside of the pouch and licking my spoon. Sir Kensington’s special sauce was fantastic! I added it ontop of some fish (it goes well with just about anything) and it replaced my need for tartar sauce. It was tangy and had a slight mustard taste. I have yet to cook with Christabelle’s bombay bliss rub, however I tasted a bit of the seasoning on my finger and can’t wait to use it! It had a smokey flavor with a dash of sweet and savory. I plan on using this to season my chicken! I am extremely impressed with this month’s Hatchery box. The whole purpose of this box is to introduce us to new and exciting ingredients and I feel like they succeeded 100%! After trying each of these, I would most definitely order them a second time! I am so glad that hatchery also allows  you to purchase items individually! I can’t wait to see what I get in next month’s box!

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