Ultimate Snacks Variety Box from Accardi Products

Who wouldn’t want to receive this care package of goodies??!?! Inside of this ultimate snacks variety box there are 50 different snacks. I received white cheddar cheez-its, original cheez-its,  M&M cookies, classic Lay’s, baked goldfish, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, Smartfood popcorn, Snyder’s mini pretzels, Keebler mini fudge cookies, Toasty peanut butter crackers, Toastchee peanut butter crackers, two packs of Grandma cookies, Planters salted peanuts, six twizzlers, six packs of Bigelow green tea, three packs of Swiss Miss hot cocoa, a Nutrigrain bar, two Quaker oats chewy bars, six Laffy Taffys, two bags of Skittles,two packs of Starbursts,  Mott’s fruit snacks, a mini pack of Oreos, a Kellog rice crispy treat,  a Nature Valley honey bar, and a Nature Valley almond bar. This would be the perfect care package for a young adult in college, a teenager for their birthday, or even a “just because” gift for a friend.You can even select as a gift at checkout to include a free gift message! With the wide variety of snacks in this box, it will be sure to cure anyones sweet tooth! I made sure to check all expiration dates and found that all of the snacks are good to go. None of them expire any time soon, which means each box is made to order. Everything was neatly packed away into a small 11.125in x 8.75in x 4in box when it arrived and I felt like I had a magician’s bag pulling more and more snacks out of the bottom! Such a great and unique gift idea!

Order this box today!


Sample Provided For Review


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