Care Package from Tiny Bubbles Lovable Soaps

I am such a sucker for bath and body items,and I am always on the lookout for new and exciting brands! When I stumbled upon Tiny Bubbles Lovable Soaps, I was super excited at the HUGE selections they have! I received a lovely care package which included a sweet pea bath bomb, a berries bath bomb, a bar of Papillon goat milk and glycerin soap, a bar of eucalyptus goat milk soap, a bar of honey and oatmeal soap, a tub of green tea body butter, and a tub of grapefruit tangelo scrub. I immediately fell in love with the ADORABLE packaging. The first thing I did (obviously) was smell them, and I was very impressed with the selection I was sent. The honey and oatmeal soap was super sweet, while the Papillon soap scent was a lovely floral scent. The eucalyptus  goat milk soap was very strong and would be great for soothing and clearing my sinuses! The green tea body butter scent and the grapefruit scrub scent were both very energizing and uplifting! My favorite scents by far were the two bath bombs! Both the sweet pea and the berry bomb smelled so good I wanted to eat them! The next thing I did was test the body butter, scrub, and soaps. The body butter was a fantastic texture(there is nothing I hate more than a body butter too thick for my skin to soak up)!  The grapefruit scrub was one of my favorites in the entire package. The added jojoba oil beads gently exfoliated my skin and left my skin feeling amazingly smooth. I loved how the soaps were soft and the smell lasted even after I was dry. For being as inexpensive as they are, the soap bars are HUGEI can not wait to test out the bath bombs tonight! Each bath bomb has a surprise inside and will shoot out different shapes! I decided to wait to test these until my daughter was home (she will adore them). Overall I am EXTREMELY impressed with the care package I was scent. The products were of such a high quality that I am surprised Bed, Bath, and Beyond hasn’t tried to snatch them up yet! I am considering placing an order to test out their shower steamers, bath salts (the description says they FOAM!!), and their lotion bars. 

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