GPS Pet Tracker from Pawscout

A few weeks ago my daughter’s cat got out of the house. He never ventures too far, so I thought he would be home in less than an hour. Unfortunately we went all day without seeing him. The entire neighborhood helped us search for him until it was too dark to see outside. As we were getting ready for bed that night, we heard him scratching on the door. Thankfully he made his way home, but what if he had not?  I started doing a lot of research on GPS pet trackers and stumbled upon the Pawscout website. This GPS pet tracker lets you know where your pet is at all times using a radar-style system! You can locate your pet within a 200 foot radius! You can also see his last known location and setup a virtual leash which notifies you if your pet strays from your yard. The GPS tracter itself is fairly small! It is about 1.5″ × 1.9″ × .4″ and weighs less than 10 grams. This allows it to easily work for cats and dogs of all sizes. I was glad to see that the tracker is completely waterproof! If your pet gets caught in the rain the device will still function properly and will not harm them in any way. I really loved that unlike other GPS trackers, this tracker has a replaceable battery. It runs on a standard watch battery which can be found at just about any local store and does not need to be custom ordered! Overall, setup for the device was very easy! I downloaded the Pawscout Pet Finder app on my phone (available on iTunes and Google Store) and created a detailed pet profile for both of my furbabies. It allowed me to upload a photo of my pets and input any important info such as special needs or dietary restrictions. This info will help pet rescuers care for your pet until it is safely back home with you! Even if you do not purchase a Pawscout Tracker (which is fairly cheap considering how helpful it is) , I highly suggest downloading the free mobile app.  Just by having the app on your phone, you could help bring someone’s best friend back home! If a pet is not in range of their owner’s tracker and he/she walks by someone who has the app installed, it will send the owner an update on their last known location. Also, if someone marks their pet as lost and it walks within range of someone else with the app downloaded, both the owner and the person near the pet will be notified. You can invite friends, family and neighbors to download the app and help protect the pets around your neighborhood!  One of my favorite features of this tracker is the “LOST” feature. If your pet ever goes missing, you can send out a digital SOS which will notify anyone in your community who downloaded the free app to be on the lookout! 
 Samples provided for review

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