Pet Seat Cover from Bark Brite

As much as I love taking my dogs for car rides, it can sometimes be a hassle. We fold the back seats down and let them hop in, but they end up jumping into the middle row and scratch up our leather seats anyways. This pet seat cover is PERFECT for letting the whole crew tag along! This seat cover is about 58 x 54 inches and fits most standard bench seats. It was super easy to install and only took me about three minutes. The cover simply attaches to the front and rear headrests with buckle straps. The seat anchors provide a secure fit and it even has a nonslip backing to prevent any sliding around.  I like how this seat cover can be converted from full coverage to seat only coverage depending on how much protection you need.  It easily protects against scratches, pet hair, spills, and any accidents. This seat cover is made from waterproof polyester material which not only helps keep your seat clean, but also adds a layer of soft padding for comfort. For convenience, this cover includes velcro seat belt openings so that you can stay safe while using it. When using the seat only option, this allows everyone to buckle up easily while still staying protected. However, if you’re using the full coverage for your pets you can move the velcro opening and attach your pets to a pet seat belt  (another genius product) which connects to your pet’s collar. I am super impressed with this pet seat cover and honestly wish I would’ve found this sooner. This will definitely help us prevent any more stains or tears on our car seats!

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