I recently started shopping for more all natural products for my family. When my daughter was born, I became SUPER paranoid about what I put on her body. When I found Simply Owl Natural, I was sure I hit the jackpot. Not only did this store carry all natural baby items, but they also carried a variety of adult items as well. I requested sample sizes on a few of their products that caught my attention the most. This included the lavender deodorant, cradle cap spray, after shave cream, cold sore ointment, rosemary body butter, and zzz lotion. Of course I was super eager to use all of them, and opened up each container immediately! Unfortunately I was unable to test ALL of the samples today, but I did get through most of them! The deodorant was fantastic! I was surprised to find that low magnesium levels are associated with body odor, which is why the Simply Owl Natural deodorant is made with added magnesium!  It is also made with humulones and lupulones to help destroy bacteria in the armpits!  All of their deodorants are aluminum free, paraben free, and do not contain any artificial fragrances or GMOs!  If you use a regular antiperspirant and then switch to this natural deodorant, your body will go through a “detox” phase. Since most deodorants clog the pores, the all natural deodorant will allow your body to shed the built up toxins. I asked for a sample of the cradle cap spray because my daughter often suffers from this on the top of her scalp.  I was impressed to find that this spray had a fairly pleasant smell. This product is made with aloe juice, castor oil, and populus tremuloides bark extract. The aloe vera allows the scalp to become smoother and stay hydrated.  All I needed to do was shake the spray bottle, spray a small amount onto my daughter’s head, and rub it in for a few minutes. After, I just had to comb out the flakes with a soft brush! I immediately noticed that my daughter wasn’t scratching her head as much, so I assume it gave her immediate relief! Next I tried the after shave cream (I purposely waited to shave my legs until I got this in!) and was SUPER impressed! This cream is made with coconut oil (we all know I am a huge fan of coconut oil), olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamin e, essential oils, and elderberry. When I applied to my legs, I immediately noticed that it did not burn like aftershave I’ve used in this past. Since it is alcohol free, it doesn’t kill the healing skin and does not slow the healing! The cream absorbs quickly, and did not leave me feeling oily! The essential oils in the cream left my legs feeling silky smooth! This was definitely one of my favorite samples! Lastly, I was able to test the ZZZ lotion on my daughter right before bed. This was the sample I was the most excited to try! This lotion is made with essential oils which are safe for children 2 and up. It helps your child fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. As the directions stated, I applied a small bit of the lotion to the bottom of my daughter’s feet as well as her chest. Normally it takes my daugher about two hours to fall peacefully asleep, but with the help of this lotion we managed to get it down to forty five minutes! The smell was fantastic and I could easily smell the relaxing lavender when I opened the container! This is a product that I can definitely see myself purchasing on a regular basis! I can not wait to try out the rest of my samples and I can’t wait to see how much everyone else loves them as well! I 100% recommend Simply Owl Natural for not only babies, but to people of ALL ages!

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