My six year old godchild recently started complaining about needing new earphones. He said his regular headphones were for “babies” (although I do not know of anyone who allows their infant to wear headphones) and he requested some in-ear style headphones instead. I absolutely love these LilGadget earphones.  They are specifically made for children, so my godchild loves them as well. These earphones come with a  SharePort® adapter, a hard travel pouch and three sizes of earbud covers. I love how these earphones are volume limited! This means that he can’t turn them up loud enough to damage his hearing. With his regular headphones, he had a problem with turning them up so loud that I could hear them from the other side of the room. These LilGadget earphones have a volume limit of 73db, so he can hear the music/movie perfectly but they aren’t loud enough to hurt him.  I was very nervous about him getting the wires tangled up because it is about four foot long, (as an adult I somehow manage to ruin two sets a month) but much to my surprise these are made with tangle-free wire. My godchild really loves that the inline microphone with volume control and a play/pause button is easily located at the top of the earphones. He can pause and play his music without taking his MP3 player out of his pocket. Not only are these earphones great, but the accessories are fantastic as well. The hard travel pouch makes it easy to keep track of his earphones at all time! I can toss the pouch into his book bag without fear of them getting ruined.  The SharePort® adapter is also really neat. It allows two sets of earphones to be plugged into one device. This means that on car rides he can let his brother listen to music with him! Overall I am BEYOND impressed with these children’s earphones. Since they are available in four colors (Blue, pink, white and red) I plan on buying a pair for all of the kids in my family! 

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