Guardian Angel from Arditech

I always wondered when someone would invent something like this. Something that will eliminate the worry of our children wandering off. When my daughter started becoming more independent and wanting to WALK around with me instead of letting me hold her I became overly cautious and ended up a nervous wreck. What if I look away for a second and someone grabs her? What if she wanders off while I am getting something out of my wallet?  With our very first family vacation around the corner, I did a little research to see if there was something that could help ease my mind. Amusement parks make me EXTREMELY nervous and I even thought about cutting that part completely out of our trip. That’s when I stumbled across the Guardian Angel system. The system comes with a base (the piece for the parent) and a tag (the piece for the child). You can purchase extra tags if you have more than one child to keep track of.  The base piece comes with a clip that allows you to place the base onto a belt loop, purse, or backpack. The tag also has a small ring which you can attach to your child’s backpack, shirt, pants, or something else they’re wearing. Once both of devices have batteries in them, set up is fairly easy. When you turn both devices on, you simply click the corresponding button on the base (there are four little boxes numbered 1 through 4)  and the devices connect. If you only have one child, then your device will connect to one tag (it will blink showing you which one is connected). If you have more than one child, I suggest setting them up in order according to age. This allows you to keep track of which child has which tag. On the side of the base, it will allow you to control how far the child can wonder before setting off the alarm (near, middle or far). You can set a different wander zones according to each child! This means if you have a toddler you can make sure he/she stays close, but if you also have a pre-teen you can set his/her distance to a few extra feet. The direction indicator is the best part about this device. If your child wanders off and the alarm starts to ring, a green LED light will flash. If you point the base in the correct direction of the tag the signal will become stronger. The closer you get to the tag, the faster and brighter the LED will flash. So if your child wanders off (or god forbid someone snatch them up), this will let you know whether or not you’re close or even going in the right direction. Whichever tag has wandered too far, the corresponding box on the base will blink! This is such a fantastic product and I definitely suggest everyone invest in one! It helps put my mind at ease and will make vacationing so much easier!

Purchase the Guardian Angel for 1 Kid

Purchase the Guardian Angel for 2 Kids

Purchase the Guardian Angel for 3 Kids

Purchase the Guardian Angel for 4 Kids

View My “How To” Video!

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