Wired Video Doorbell from 1byOne

I have been wanting to try one of these video doorbells for MONTHS. I really loved the idea of seeing who is at your door before getting up to answer it. This makes me feel a lot safer about answering the door when I am home alone with my daughter! PLEASE BE AWARE that unlike a video baby monitor, this video doorbell is NOT wireless. There did require a little bit of set-up which requires you to drill a small hole into your wall to connect the camera doorbell to the video monitor. The doorbell part needs to be installed outside of your door. There are two wires that will need to run from the back of the doorbell to inside connecting to the video monitor. That means that you have very limited control over where you are able to place the monitor. However, the cord that connects the two devices is fairly long (15 meters) so with a little work you can definitely figure out a way to keep them a good distance apart. The monitor can be hung on the wall, a cabinet, or can be placed on a countertop. There is no professional installation required, and I honestly believe anyone could set it up themselves in less than an hour. The doorbell itself has a rain shield to protect the camera.  It also has 14 different doorbell melodies to choose from! This wired video doorbell features a dual-way intercom and indoor monitoring. This allows you to see, hear, and speak to your visitor at the door. You can also press the monitor button and see what is going on outside. It has a 92 degree viewing angle, so you are able to get a fairly nice clear picture. The advanced infrared lighting feature even allows you to see your guest at night! You can adjust the color, brightness, and volume to make sure you get the best picture possible on the monitor. This camera features an electric door release button which allows you to unlock the door for your guest without even getting up (You need to have an electrical lock  for this option to work properly. Electric lock not included). Overall I was fairly impressed with the functions of this doorbell. Being able to see who is at my door before having to walk into the other room is fantastic. I also feel a lot safer being able to see who is at my door in the middle of the night!

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