This portable charger is absolutely FANTASTIC.  I have tried a number of portable chargers in the past, but this one surpases them all! This power pack can be completely charged up in under six minutes when plugged into my vehicle’s 12V cigarette port! Six minutes of charge time provides the device with enough power to fully charge most smartphones in less than an hour! When the device receives at least 25 minutes of charge time, it can fully recharge MULTIPLE devices! What makes this portable charger better than ones I’ve used in the past is the auto-shut off. After charging and recharging, the device shuts off to reserve battery time! I have never seen a portable charger do that! This device came with four device connections (Apple lightning, Apple 30-pin, Micro USB, and a mini USB) so you don’t have to purchase separately.  I did test this out with other USB cords that I had sitting around, and they were compatible as well. Although this device is a little larger than what I normally would use, it is so much better! The battery lasts longer and in my opinion it charges 100% faster than my other portable chargers. The side of this device has two inputs and an output slot. It also features an LED flashlight which may come in handy searching for lost keys or roadside emergencies. This is so much more than just a phone charger! SO glad I got this!

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