When I seen this hair removal kit I knew I HAD to have it! The kit includes a pair of tweezer and a spring epilator. The tweezers have a very precise edge which allows me to get even the smallest and thinnest hair. They close easily and don’t leave any gaps which makes it easy to get a good grip on the individual hairs. The spring epilator is absolutely AMAZING. I have never used one before so I was a little confused at first. All I had to do was hold the spring in a “U” shape on my face, then twist the ends. The spring grabs the hair and plucks it out as I twist. This is great for pulling out those tiny “hard to reach” hairs. As much as I hate to admit it, this is absolutely perfect for getting those random hairs that pop up around my lip! This is a MUST HAVE for every woman’s collection!

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sample provided for review