Since my daughter has started teething, we have went through about five different teething rubs (Orajel, Hylands, ect.). I was so happy to find this all natural teething rub! With two molars coming out, this seems to be the only thing that really helps my daughter. The ingredients are very simple (virgin olive oil, catnip, chamomile, clove oil, and tocopherol) and I love that this is so natural. The directions say to rub 3 drops directly on your baby’s gums. I’ve found that dropping 3-4 drops onto a q-tip makes applying to the gums a lot easier. The taste is very bitter (yes I’ve tried it myself), but it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Although it is a weird taste to me, my daughter doesn’t even make a face. The smell is also very strong, but isn’t bothersome. Really glad we got this!

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