Like any other normal human being, I absolutely LOVE cookie dough! Although I know I am not supposed to eat raw cookie dough, I sometimes do it anyway. I was extremely excited to stumble upon the Edoughble website!  This cookie dough is hand made by order, so I know my dough is 100% fresh. The company never uses preservatives or any other synthetic ingredients in their dough so I know exactly what I am eating! Since I love my cookie dough cold, I automatically stuck my package into the icebox. The Edoughble website states that their dough can be stored in the freezer for up to one year, in the fridge for six months, or at room temperature for two weeks. In my “Gimme Five” gift box, I received five of their signature cookie dough flavors! I received a chocolate chip flavor (Chip Off The Ol’ Block), a birthday cake flavor (Birthday Bash), a cookie and creme flavor (Cookies N’ Dreams), a s’mores flavor (S’More Please),and a Snicker-doodle flavor (Snicker-Dude). All five flavors came in individually packaged four ounce containers. Each container is the perfect size for one serving. The package also contained two small wooden spoons and a box full of absolutely adorable confetti. Out of the five flavors, the birthday cake flavor was BY FAR my favorite! The cookie dough was a nice creamy texture and tasted absolutely amazing! I will definitely be placing another order!

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