Remote Control Quadcopter from Night Lions Tech

My entire family was excited to get this product in the mail. I have been seeing these everywhere and was DYING to get my hands on one. To start off, the set up was EXTREMELY easy. First I had to put four AA batteries into the remote control (batteries not included). Next I had to connect the battery in the battery department of the quad (under the camera). Once both pieces were set up and turned on, the remote started to beep and connected instantly to the quad. When on, the quad blinks red and blue which is a cool effect. That would probably make it easy to spot while flying at night or late afternoon. I have never flown one of these before so my first try was a little rocky (literally). I ended up smashing it into the side of our house and broke one of the blades. Thankfully this quad came with spare parts. All I had to do was replace the blade (it just snaps on and off) and I was back to flying in less than three minutes! The remote control is fairly simple to use once you get the hang of it. The left operating lever controls the quad’s ascending and descending motion when pushed up or down, and also controls the quad’s turning motion when pushed left or right. The right operating lever controls the quad’s side flying capability. I caught on quick and was doing 360 spins in no time! This quad came with a camera attachment on the underside of the quad. This allows you to record your flights and get a birds-eye view! The camera has a small USB card in it that you can plug into your computer (USB reader included) to upload all of your videos. Since we played with this so long, we ended up draining the battery. This quad comes with a lithium battery charger so all I needed to do was remove the battery from the quad and plug it into the charger! Overall this was a GREAT product! Not only did the kids love it, but it kept the adults occupied as well.

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Watch My Youtube Video demo!

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Sample provided for review


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