Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Deluge

So last night was the first time I tried this shampoo and conditioner. I was EXTREMELY nervous about switching products because I have been using the same hair products for years. I do a lot of heat damage to my hair, so I needed something that would moisturize my hair. I have pretty thick and wavy hair, so I tend to flat iron it a lot. To start off, this stuff smells AMAZING. I noticed right away that it had a strong floral smell. The texture is the perfect texture for shampoo and conditioner. I love how the shampoo isn’t too runny, so its easy to get the perfect amount. I was a little sad that this shampoo didn’t create much foam during my wash. I really like shampoo that foams because I feel like it does a better job at cleaning. The conditioner stated that I needed to leave it in my hair for 1-3 minutes, so I left it on for about 2 minutes (enough for Taylor Swift to finish her song). When I rinsed the conditioner off I noticed immediately that my hair was EXTREMELY clean and soft! I towel dried my hair, and followed up my routine with the Deluge Argan oil. Today (one day after using it) I noticed that my hair still smelled amazing! Sometimes I have a hard time finding shampoo that keeps my hair smelling great since I have such thick hair. I noticed that my hair was a lot easier to style as well! It took me less time to flat iron it, and I less frizz. My hair today is extremely shiny, and I feel pretty confident since I’ve been getting compliments on it all day from the ladies at work!

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