Five Color Makeup Palette by UCANBE

I am extremely impressed by these 5 shade pallets. The first pallet I received was a concealing shading powder . This kit includes 5 colors. The white is used to brighten skin color, ivory is for light skin, skin tone is used for normal skin color, natural is made for deep skin color, and brown is used to shade the skin and highlight the nose or cheeks. Since I am not good with contouring my face with liquid makeup, I figured I may have better luck with a powder. I was absolutely correct! I use a lot of the white because it really brightens up my face. I also use the brown on my cheekbones so it gives an illusion of a slimmer face . The colors in between are good for highlighting and bringing attention to other areas. The powder is extremely soft, and goes on extremely smooth. It covers uneven face tones easily, and really helps tame my under eye circles. Absolutely love! The other kit was a 5 shade blush pallet. I was pretty impressed with this blush kit as well. It came with 5 different blush colors and they are all fantastic. Depending on my desired look, I like to wear different shades of blush. For a fresh look, I wear the shade with an orange tint. For a natural look, I use the light pink. When I go out, I wear the deep sexy shade. I’m so excited to have all of my favorite shades in one kit! It has the perfect color for every look I am going for! These powders go on extremely smooth and blend very well. Also, I have sensitive skin and had absolutely no issues using either pallet. I find that these last a full work day (8 hours for me) which is really all I need it for.

Buy The Concealing Powder Palette Now!

Buy The Blush Palette Now!


Samples provided for review


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