Moroccan Argan Oil by Deluge

I am EXTREMELY impressed with this Moroccan Argan Oil! My hair stylist suggested that I use a leave in conditioner or an oil to help with my split ends.I tend to do a lot of heat damage to my hair. I was a little skeptical of using Moroccan oil because my hair gets oily EXTREMELY fast. I was scared that this oil would leave my hair looking greasy and stringy. Much to my surprise its my new favorite. First I washed and conditioned my hair as usual. I then towel dried my hair and applied two pumps of Argan oil. My hair is fairly thick, but two pumps was plenty. I applied it to the ends of my hair first, and worked my way upwards (my ends are what needed the most focus). Since I wasn’t in a rush, I decided to let my hair air dry instead of blow drying. Once my hair was completely dry, I noticed IMMEDIATELY that my hair was super soft! I couldn’t stop running my hands through it! I also noticed that my hair had a very nice shine to it. I styled my hair as normal and could definitely see a difference. I don’t think this will help my split ends, however I will continue to use it anyway! The shine and the way my hair felt, won me over. My hair was less frizzy and was a lot easier to control overall.

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