10.1 Inch Tablet by iRULU

I was very skeptical at how well this tablet would work because of how inexpensive it is, but to my surprise it was WONDERFUL! This tablet has the latest operating system which makes it EXTREMELY fast! It has 16GB of storage, which is perfect for what i intend to use it for (photos and games). I really love how it has dual cameras! Both the front and back cameras are very clear and take excellent photos. Apparently this makes it perfect for my daughter’s “selfies”! I also find that the overall graphic quality was amazing! The wi-fi on this tablet was very easy to set up and the “settings” are easy to locate. I was happy to find that a few basic apps (you tube, gmail, google chrome) came pre-installed! It was also VERY easy to install all of my other apps! I did find that this tablet charged a lot faster than tablets I’ve had in the past! It also lasts about 6 hours after a full charge (which is good for when the kids take it over). I haven’t had any issues with the screen’s reaction time, or the tablet’s volume control. The only thing I had an issue with, was figure out where the home button is located. It actually is just a little circle at the very bottom of the screen (not on the bottom of the tablet). Honestly, the quality of this tablet is excellent for this decent price! Perfect for those of us on a budget!

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Sample provided for review


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