Jumping Balls by Waliki Toys

These Waliki jumping balls are SO MUCH FUN! Each ball comes with a pump, and a few extra plastic plugs for set up. I spent about 5 minutes pumping up the toddler one, 7 minutes pumping up the child one, and 15 minutes blowing up the adult one. Blowing them up was not too bad compared to the hours we spent playing with them. These balls seem to be the same material as exercise balls, except thicker. I don’t think we will have any issues with them busting. The entire time I was pumping up the unicorn ball (made for toddlers), my daughter was jumping around from excitement. If you’re buying the unicorn ball, I suggest slipping the cover on BEFORE pumping it up. I had to show my daughter how to bounce on it at first, but once she got the hang of it she did not want to get off. The unicorn ball is more oval shaped than round.This is because toddlers don’t have the balance skills to bounce on a perfectly round ball. It also had two handles in the front so she was able to get a better grip and not roll off. The unicorn’s head was very soft and flopped around as she jumped which I thought was adorable! The child sized soccer ball is the PERFECT size for ages 3 to 6 years old. It was a little bigger than the toddler ball, but half the size of the adult ball. The adult ball would actually be the right size for 7 and up. I,as an adult, had no issues with the size of the adult ball. These balls are perfect for jumping around the yard, but I actually find that the toddler ones can be used safely inside as well. I really love how we have been jumping around for almost two hours, and no one has even noticed how many calories we are burning!!! This could be a great and fun way to get the kids out of the house, and sneak in some exercise! These jumping balls come in tons of shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for everyone in the family. My daughter LOVED the fact that I could jump around with her instead of just watching her from the porch! This would make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift!

Buy The Unicorn Jumping Ball

Buy The Soccer Ball Jumping Ball

Buy The Adult Hurricane Jumping Ball

Look For Other Jumping Balls



I received this item free for my honest opinion


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