This bottle warmer is EXCELLENT! It was very easy to use since each setting and temperature is clearly stated on the front. On this warmer there is a “gentle warm” setting, an “express warm” setting, and a “sterilization” setting. There are also three different temperature options. The “gentle warm” setting allows you to place a bottle in the warmer for a long period of time. That means instead of fixing a bottle in the middle of the night while you’re half sleeping, you can fix it in the warmer before bed and it is ready to go come feeding time! This is especially good for breastfeeding moms because the breast milk is gently warmed to the normal temperature of the human body. This allows the breast milk to preserve the nutrients, milk fat, and antibodies for up to 6 hours. For formula fed babies, this allows the milk to stay “fresh” without spoiling from being mixed too early. The “sterilization” setting allows you to sterilize nipples, pacifiers, and bottles. Each sterilization lasts about 12-15 minutes. I REALLY love that there is an automatic shut off which means NO FIRE HAZARD! Although there is no “auto-shut off” button, there are several things that will cause the warmer to automatically shut off. The warmer will shut off if it detects overheating or if the water is running low. It will also automatically shut off after each sterilization cycle. That means you can set your items in the warmer, and walk away to get something else done. This warmer is so perfect and it is a MUST HAVE for parents! It makes bottle making, and sterilization so much easier!

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I received this product discounted for my honest opinion