Since my daughter was born, she has been prone to severe diaper rashes. Some of her rashes get so bad, that they develop into yeast infections and require prescription medications. No matter how hard we try to prevent them, she seems to get them every time she gets sick. We have tried EVERY over the counter diaper rash creme. We have tried the most expensive, family recommended, home treatments, and still none of them worked. Until now, I found that the one that helped the most often  was “Extra Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste”. I’m always skeptical of trying new cremes, because I want to make sure she gets relief fast. I noticed right away, that the “No Time For Diaper Rash”  was a lot different from other diaper rash cremes. It did not have an overwhelming smell when I opened it. I believe this is because it is all natural. It does not contain any artificial fragrance, dyes, alcohol, or parabens. It is also soy, dairy, and gluten-free. I feel pretty comfortable putting it on my daughter’s rash knowing exactly what is in it. I love how thick it is! Since it was thick, it did not take much to coat my daughter’s bottom with a nice layer. It also went on extremely smooth, and did not “cake up” on her bottom like i expected it to. After two-day of use, I can already see an improvement in my daughter’s rash. The swelling has gone down (this is caused by her yeast infection), and she does not seem to be bothered as much with her diaper rubbing against it.  I would 100% recommend!

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