Potty Training Urinal by Joy Baby

So my nephew is 2 and we just started potty training. We bought him a regular sit-down potty seat but he had a lot of issues with it. The first issue we stumbled upon, was that he had trouble “aiming” at something so low. He would miss, and pee pee all over my floor.  He also thought that the regular potty was “for girls” and refused to sit down(thanks to his wonderful big brother). This cute little whale  urinal solved both of the problem we were having! Since the urinal comes with hooks, I was able to adjust it perfectly to his height. There was also a bright orange spinner in the middle to help him “aim”, so there was little to no mess. Once he pees in the potty, it easily comes unhooked off of the wall to empty into the toilet and flush. Its a little smaller than I originally thought it would be, but it is still a good size for toddlers. This urinal also came with a little potty training game. Every time he uses the potty, and makes the spinner turn, he gets a sticker. Each time you get a sticker, Wallie the whale gets closer to his mommy! He is super excited to get the stickers, and it keeps him interested in using the bathroom. Since we have gotten this urinal, potty training has been going smoothly! So goad we got it!

Buy One Now!

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I received this item free for my honest opinion


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