Makeup Set by Little Cosmetics

Every morning my daughter sits and watches me do my makeup. She always gets so upset because i wont let her play with my brushes (they’re so expensive). This little cosmetics set is perfect! Everything is so realistic, so she doesn’t feel like she’s simply “pretending”. I was really surprised that the fake powder comes in different skin colors, so you can personalize it to match your child’s skin! I also really like how this set comes with a little bit of everything. She has powder, eye shadow, lip gloss, blush, and her own little brushes! If im doing my eyes, she grabs her little pretend eye shadow and does hers to! The “makeup” is made out of foam instead of plastic, so everything seems so realistic! After we are done, clean up is so easy! It comes with its own little carrying case! This is so much better than having my daughter walking around looking like a clown from a “real” kids set!

Buy One Now!


I received this item free for my honest opinion!


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