I am so in love with this solar light! I originally got it for my daughter to use as a night-light,but we can actually use it for a lot of different things! Since it is solar-powered, all my daughter needs to do is stick it by her window during the day, and it is ready to go once night-time hits! No cords, no wires, and best of all NO BATTERIES! When I first received this light I was a little confused. The light comes in a small flat box and the cover (whichever design you picked) comes in a clear plastic bag. I was confused simply because I didn’t realize that you have to blow the light up for it to be full size. I blew it up about halfway, slipped the design cover on it, and then finished filling it with air (it was easier to get the cover on this way). On the very top of the light, there is a power button. This power button allows you to turn the light on, adjust the brightness, or even make the light flash (like an emergency signal). Next to the power button there are percentages that tell you how much light you have left before it needs to be recharged.  Whats really awesome about this light, is that its WATERPROOF! My daughter can take it with her wherever she goes and I don’t have to worry about anything shocking her. It even has a handle so she can carry it around the house with her. This will be perfect for when she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to use the restroom! Since the light came with a snuggle cover, the plastic pieces on the light don’t scratch her. She is able to place the light directly in her bed with her because there is NO WAY for it to short out, catch on fire, or do anything that could possibly endanger her. It is 100% child friendly! Heck, she could even take it in the bathtub with her if she really wanted to! These are great for kids, but I actually believe these would make GREAT camping or emergency lights. Surprisingly, these get VERY bright! Such a great product! I plan on stocking up on them!

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*I received this item discounted for my honest opinion*