DIY Body Butter Kit by Leona Made

Leona Made DIY body butter kit is a kit that helps you MAKE your own body butter!  It came with Fair trade and organic Shea butter, organic unrefined coconut oil, and organic jojoba oil. Each ingredient is already measured so no need to stress about putting too little or too much of one ingredient.  The box also included step by step instructions as to how to properly make your butter. I’m all about “do it yourself” projects because it makes me feel like a super crafty person, but usually those projects don’t come out as well as I want them to. Well, I had ZERO issues with this kit. Everything is laid out for you! Body butter in general, is a mega moisturizer. It has a TON of benefits for your skin! So the thought of making my own body butter, and knowing EXACTLY what was in it made me super happy! I think the hardest park about making this butter, was heating the Shea butter. It calls for a double boiler (which people don’t normally have), but I was able to use a pot of boiling water and a heat safe bowl! I personally think this would be a great gift for DIY moms, or even a fun project for teenagers!  I searched their website, and I am SUPER excited to try their DIY lip balm next!

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I received this item free for my honest opinion


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